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Here's what players, coaches and parents are saying about coach Randy Hanson...

"I honestly believe that he is one of the best coaches in the nation. His knowledge of the game is incredible. His love of the game motivates him to continue to learn new tactics in an evolving sport. (He) taught me a lot about soccer and was able to turn me into a soccer player I never thought I could be. I honestly can not express the amount of respect I have for him."

NCAA All-American

"There are those coaches that are there and never really make an impact on an athletes life.  Then there are those that educate, inspire, and truly make a difference.  (He) is that type of coach.  (My daughter) will have memories and skills she will take with her throughout her select and college soccer career.  Thanks for making a difference."

D.  Fenton
Parent of former player

"I can’t remember the last time I sat through a two day clinic and felt engaged the entire time. I appreciate the fact that you took our input and discussed the subjects we felt were most pressing.  I know with a roomful of coaches that isn’t always an easy task!  Thank you again for finding a way to....educate the soccer community.

S. Mourning
Coaching Clinic Attendee