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  1. DOWNLOAD: Roles and Responsibilities in a 4-4-2 System of Play
    Randy Hanson
    There are many ways to help get our players "on the same page". One method I consistently use is a one-page, printable "Roles and Responsibilities" sheet ... . . . keep reading

  2. Thoughts On Team Leadership
    Randy Hanson
    For competitive teams, developing leaders can be very important and could even be said to be a necessity. A teams internal leadership will affect it's success potential and a coaches overall effectiveness. Also, if you are a coach who believes that there is more to sports coaching than wins and losses, developing leaders brings more significance. You have the opportunity to teach your athletes skills that can positively impact themselves and others for the rest of their lives. This article discusses three important areas for athletes to focus on to be an effective team leader. . . . keep reading

  3. Using Technical Cool-Downs
    Randy Hanson
    When coaching in the academy and camp environment, we would add skills competitions to the curriculum. When following cool-down protocols with my teams, I noticed that the jogging portion prior to stretching was getting a bit mundane. I recalled one of the skills competitions and wondered if I could combine a few ideas to make the cool-down more enjoyable and add some technical training as well. . . . keep reading

  4. Coaching Wisdom from Responsible Sports
    Randy Hanson
    This is the time of year where many coaches are in the midst of tryouts and others are in their "off-seasons".  For me, these times are perfect f . . . keep reading

  5. QUOTE: "What I do today is important because ..."
    Randy Hanson
    Our days can get hectic, filled with lots of activities that keep us busy. Sometimes we just need a reminder to make sure those activities count and are moving us in the right direction ... . . . keep reading

  6. Wall to Wall - Exercise for Speed of Play, Passing and Support
    Randy Hanson
    A very simple exercise to set up and use. Progressively adding specific objectives makes for a great environment to improve your teams possession, speed of play, passing and support! . . . keep reading

  7. MOTIVATION: Are You Using "Slideshow Movies"?
    Randy Hanson
    One way to connect with your players is a version of a highlight video I refer to as a "Slideshow Movie". It is relatively easy to make and can help you take advantage of one of the "social networks" your players are most likely already using.... . . . keep reading

  8. Player Evaluation Simplified
    Randy Hanson
    Having filled out many player evaluation forms over the years, I have found them to be very general and time-consuming. Since consistent, meaningful player feedback is important, I decided to create my own form to hopefully simplify and target the process . . . keep reading

  9. Easily Plan and Document Your Training Sessions
    Randy Hanson
    As coaches, we all have our different styles when it comes to planning out our training sessions. Some like to write them out meticulously and bring the sheet laminated to practice. Others may plan on paper just to get things organized in the mind before training. Regardless, this training session planning sheet was designed to be effective for most coaching styles, plus a little more . . . keep reading

  10. Crossing & Finishing
    Randy Hanson
    A very traditional crossing and finishing set up with a few simple conditions to help emphasize crossing technique and timing of runs. There are many coaching points included. . . . keep reading

  11. "Clearing Your Lines" - Clearing Training
    Randy Hanson
    "Clearing Your Lines", or the technical and tactical ability to play safely and effectively out of your own penalty area, is a skill that must be practiced. Many times an opponent will have the tactics to play directly into the penalty area or attempt to produce goals while crossing from wide areas. The goals themselves can be created by the opponents effective skill in using these tactics or from our own teams mistakes. To avoid the latter is where clearing training comes in. . . . keep reading

  12. Relationship Math - Who Are You Going To Choose To Be?
    Randy Hanson
    Any accomplishment of significance is rarely, if ever, done alone. In the case of a soccer team specifically (and many times also including the teams parent group) how people interact with each other is paramount to success. . . . keep reading

  13. Euro 2008 - Part 2: Observations, Trends & Tactics
    Randy Hanson
    Teams in Euro 2008 used different variations of specific trends and tactics. Please see video to find out if you can utilize these trends or even adapt to your team ... . . . keep reading

  14. Are Your Players Performing to Their Potential?
    Randy Hanson
    One of my very favorite things to do is study a performance concept in any area and then put it through the soccer coaching and people development "filter". This not only gives me a new perspective on common issues, but also can provide a fresh way to go about solving a problem. So it goes with the "Theory of Constraints". The theory basically contends that . . . keep reading

  15. Overview of the 4-1-4-1 System of Play
    Randy Hanson
    The 4-5-1 system of play has become more prominent in modern soccer. With the 4-3-3 being a popular choice as well, the 4-1-4-1 was born. But is it a predominately defensive system? What type of players are needed to play it? What disadvantages are there to overcome and train? Although not a complete study, the following video is a relatively comprehensive overview to help coaches decide whether the 4-1-4-1 is right for their team. . . . keep reading

  16. 3 Types of Finishing, 2 Points of Emphasis, 1 Exercise
    Randy Hanson
    This "old favorite" exercise allows players to train 3 types of finishing - power, placement and heading - and can also cover two areas of emphasis within each type. 3-Tiered Shooting trains many areas of finishing all in one exercise and is great to use between the warm up and the first small-sided game. . . . keep reading

  17. 12 Possession Games
    Randy Hanson
    Coaches may not agree on everything, but one thing most tend to agree on is that you can never work too much on possession. Possession of the ball allows a team to score goals and also keeps the ball from the opponent, allowing a team to control the game. What follows are 12 of my favorite games to work on possession, arranged from simpler forms for younger players to more complex games for the more experienced. . . . keep reading

  18. EXERCISE: Target to Target
    Randy Hanson
    A great all-around exercise for possession, penetration and teaching the principles of play. Our players even choose to use it for the possession portion of our pre-game warm up ... . . . keep reading

  19. EXERCISE VIDEO: 3 Zone Game
    Randy Hanson
    Trouble dealing with direct teams? Need to get a bit better at long range passing and receiving yourself? This short video will help your team develop in these areas... . . . keep reading

  20. Technical Passing - The "Dutch Triangle"
    Randy Hanson
    One of the recent requests by coaches is to include some information on technical exercises and training sessions. One exercise I have been using a lot lately with my team is the "Dutch Triangle". This is an exercise you may have seen or even used in the past, but I would urge you to give it another look to effectively train players in passing, receiving, timing of runs and the visual cues for each. Included are exercise descriptions and progressions with diagrams and a short video to take full advantage of the "Dutch Triangle". . . . keep reading

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